Why use AMS?

Here’s what set us apart: We believe we have a unique blend of skills and experience which allows us to deliver technology and advice of real value to our clients. With decades of experience in building consultancy and systems development we have developed technology which combines ease of use with sophisticated value-added reporting. We believe our technology can be used by anybody leaving our powerful database engine to do the hard work.

Having worked extensively in information management and construction we feel we are uniquely positioned to offer on point software and advice to the market in line with our core values. We see a four stage process to what we do:




Intuitive easy to use software with tailored data collection to meet the needs of any organisation.

Designed to the highest standard our data collection forms are automatically checked and validated to ensure data integrity.



Cloud based storage is utilised ensuring data so is readily available in real time wherever and whenever required.

Data storage and security is designed and managed to the highest possible standards allowing access whenever, wherever.



A range of reporting tools tailored for the NZ market which allows you to anticipate maintenance requirements and plan for the future. Clear and concise reporting which can be easily understood and shared with stakeholders. Alerts and reminders utilised for key items.



We have a team of professional chartered and registered surveyors who can add value every step of the way and whose involvement is dictated by you. We offer the full range of surveying services tailored to your individual requirements.



  • Improved efficiencies in data collection and reporting
  • Maintain asset value and meet statutory obligations
  • Better manage funding allocation
  • Consistent approach to planning and management of asset
  • All building element information tailored and adjusted by a team of NZ professionals for the NZ market


Key Features


Fully mobile application

Allows data collection and dissemination on the go.

Tailored forms & reports

A suite of customised reports which can be adapted to your organisations needs.

Automatic data uploads

Allows for fast and real time data collection and reporting.


Team of building professionals adding value at every step.